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Neighbor’s, Who Needs Them!

Posted by Jake on 15 March, 2009

I left yesterday at like 1pm and I return home around 10pm and what to I see over my fence? A trampoline, with a net, very close to our side of the fence. My neighbors apparently stimulated the economy too, lol. I am now planning on plants to block it. What is annoying is from the upstairs window I can see it is put off on that side when there is a ton of space in the center of the yard. The backyards in most Florida neighborhood are not large enough to have trampolines, there is barely enough room to landscape. Very annoying! The kids are like 14, in like a year or two they will quit playing on it. I may sound mean, but if they hadn’t had one by now, then it seems kind of late to me. I quit playing on them around 15 and so did a lot of my friends. 

I pray they have a plan for it during a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, because it is coming right for my backyard!



It is a lot closer than the picture makes it appear! I am okay with it if I can block. Those neighbors have been nothing but nice since we moved in. We don’t really talk, but if you are out when they are they wave or say hello. Anyway, I will post my new landscaping pictures tomorrow or the next day, I am too tired to do it now.

Have A Great Day,


2 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

5 days until Spring Begins!


4 Responses to “Neighbor’s, Who Needs Them!”

  1. Melanthia said

    Is it close enough to train an evergreen jasmine or clematis or something right up the netting? Teehee. Wish you luck on hiding that sucker.

  2. Darla said

    I’m an old gymnast and this isn’t even pleasing to my eyes. Good luck!

  3. nell jean said

    They’ll outgrow it in a year. Then you can take it off the neighbor’s hands, dismantle it, turn two halves on their sides and make a great hoop house for tender plants in winter.

  4. Jake said

    Lol, I will keep that in mind!


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