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Cold Hardy Palms-Part II

Posted by Jake on 9 March, 2009

Now for the second installment of the Cold Hardy Palm Series, the first installment can be found here.

If you are thinking about growing cold hardy palm trees there is one book I can personally suggest to you. The book is one I own and is a great resource, the book is “Palms Won’t Grow Here and Other Myths: Warm-CLimate Plants for Cooler Areas”. I have read tht they are coming out with a second edition of the book that will include more information in general and more information for Canada and the Pacific Northwest. I am not to sure when this is expected to be released.

I plan on going over every cold hardy palm in a post of it own. That means each plant will get it’s own post,s o that will be great.

Southwest Canada Palms

Southwest Canada Palms

The next post will be coming soon, it will be on the Needle Palm!
Have a Great Day,

4 Responses to “Cold Hardy Palms-Part II”

  1. Melanthia said

    Wonder if it will have a section on tomatoes? They’re a bugger for me to grow. That photo is awesome … depressing, but awesome.

  2. Taryn said

    I love this photo. IT truly represents the cold hardiness of the Windmill Palm. I have two windmillpalms but they are not as big as the one in the picture. I have done shopping online for these types of palms and experimented with smaller buyings and I came across one site that actually does not bare root the palm. I don’t even know why I am talking about this. Regardless these palms are great if you need information about them go to they have great info about these palms.

  3. Jettywolf said

    My Foxtail palms that I got at Wally’s world both died over the winter of 2008 here in J-ville Fla.

    I was upset, but learned a lesson,
    they were too tropical for my backyard I guess.

    • Jake said

      I have one Foxtail that I put in this year from Target. It is small and can be easily protected. I saw some nice tall Foxtail’s in my neighborhood die this past winter.

      Thanks for viewing,


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