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Sunday Results

Posted by Jake on 8 March, 2009

Yesterday was a nice day to work out in the yard, I of course just doing the area behind the a/c unit. Once I got back there I found that last year I had planted some Mexican Petunia, but I had forgotten them amongst all of the weeds and grass. I replanted those, I remember I planted them there becasue they are suppose to be invasive and I don’t want to be back there weeding because of the lizards. If I could plant something else I would since I have those in the yard elsewhere, any suggestions.

Once I got that area weeded I went and installed edgeing around the new area I made on the side of the lanai. It looks a lot better and the grass won’t creep into the area. Edgeing is something I had never even thought about using until I moved down here. It was already installed around the beds already at the house I moved into, so I like it and will continue to use it. The St. Augustine Grass here makes it a must, that stuff creeps into the areas weekly. If I ever move to back to Kentucky or elsewhere I will use it there. Even in Kentucky the grass would grow into the beds, although it took  whole season to do this, it had to be re-edged every spring.

Other happenings around the yard are very exciting! My Purple Sweet Potato Vine is coming back some parts of the vine have actually sproted new leaves, not just the main root area. Yesterday morning my Castor Bean didn’t have any leaves opening on the top part, but last night I noticed new leaves are opening all over the plant even the top part.

I cut the Spindle Palm fronds that were brown off. There is one green frond that is sticking out, but the tip is frost burnt. I wasn’t sure if it is a self-cleaning palm tree or not.

Two of my Hibiscus were about two feet tall and they both have started to regrow from the bottom, so I have cut off thier top part down to the ground. Then I have two Hibiscus, one is about 9 feet the other is probably close to 12 feet. They both are growing from the bottom, but I’m not sure if the tops are alive. They saw 23 degrees one night, so what do you all think?

I hope everyone else got thier Saturday plans done or are getting thier Sunday plans on the way to being done. Warm weather here the 80’s for awhile until the end of the week, then not to bad into the upper 70’s.

Have a great day,


8 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

11 days until Spring Begins!


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