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Saturday Project

Posted by Jake on 6 March, 2009

My project for toorrow is a scary one. I will be weeding out the area behind my air condition unit, most of it is grass and Sea Dollar Weed. This area is an area I have fought with since I moved here last year, I’m not t sure why it is so bad. My first thought was there aren’t cutter in Florida so the weed seed is just falling off the roof when it rains, but there aren’t weeds in other parts of my yard. So, please do wish me luck, I will very much need it, lol.

I am also including a picture of a much prettier scene; my Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and Cordyline ‘Red Sensation’ that is growing like crazy since it has warmed up. Since it is apparently SkyWatch Friday there are two pictures of the moon that is already out at 6:15pm.


I hope everyone gets a lot done over the weekend and enjoy the warmer weather if you are having some!

Have a great day,


10 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

13 days until Spring Begins!


2 Responses to “Saturday Project”

  1. Dollar weed is the bane of all Florida gardeners,I awear!
    Here’s the limk to our Gardening blog:

  2. Melanthia said

    Good luck! My parking strips have been a constant battle since we moved here in 2002. The sea dollar reminds me of nasturtium, but the foliage looks a bit thicker. I bet that will be nice to have that all tidied up. What are you planning to do with it? Nice moon shots, and thanks for visiting and for your comments!

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