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Weather Alert!!!

Posted by Jake on 3 March, 2009

Whil our lows aren’t really cold and the day hasn’t been too cold, I have to say this is the first day that has felt like winter to me! Highs only made it to the low 50’s if that, right now it is 46! It reminds me of the the winter I truly do miss! Now could we get some snow!


I know you all think I am crazy, lol!


I really am happy about the 80’s next week, for my plants, not me, lol!

13 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

16 days until Spring begins!


3 Responses to “Weather Alert!!!”

  1. Darla said

    you need to quit it! No snow now, please, you are going to make me say a bad word.

  2. Melanthia said

    I’m so done snow!

  3. nefp said

    Yeah, by March I am ready for spring. Last year in exactly a year Friday-Sunday we had on and off snow shoers in Kentucky and ended up with a total of 8″. It was like I saw the Tulip foliage and other spring bulb foliag and then it was gone. Spring snows are no fun when you just want to get out there nd start digging, lol.


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