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Cold Hardy Palms- Part I

Posted by Jake on 28 February, 2009

Okay, so many of you do know that I am originally from Kentucky, until I moved here May 30th, 2008. What you may not realize is that I am was growing palm tree’s and other tropicals even before I moved to Florida. 2008 was suppose to be the year that I was to install my first palm tree’s.

The year 2007 was when everything got started. I planted one Banana Tree, Musa Basjoo; Regular Elephant Ear’s; and a King Sago. They all flourished and I got the idea to search “Cold Hardy Palm Tree’s” and I entered a crazy world, lol. I actually wouldn’t mind if in a few year’s I move back to Kentucky and resume growing palm tree’s and other tropicals there. In northern location’s it is more “special” growing these plants amongst the staple’s of any landscape north of the Georgia-Tennessee state line.

During the winter of 2007-2008 those three type of plant’s saw 3 degrees, three times. That winter was also a very wet winter. It rained constantly, I started calling Lexington, “Little Seattle”. We would get 3″ of rain all at once and then it would drop into the 20’s to 10’s. Then in March of 2008 we received close to 8″ of snow. In late-March we warmed up and the Musa Basjoo started growing and was as big as it was at the end of the season in 2007 by the end of April. My Sago was still solid and it’s roots were still alive, but a new flush of fronds hadn’t started to grow as of May 28th, 2008 when I left it, in northern location’s they can take until June to flush. I also checked the Elephant Ear’s and they were solid and not mushy. They too don’t pop back out in Kentucky until the end of May or beginning of June.

Okay, so the following pictures are from the end of Summer 2007 and the last picture si from May 2008.


So, there you have it, some tropicalesque landscapeing, part II will be coming soon, I hope you enjoyed part I.

Have a great day,


16 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

19 days until Spring Begin’s!


2 Responses to “Cold Hardy Palms- Part I”

  1. Tatyana said

    Thanks! This subject is very interesting for me. I have a couple of palm trees in big containers and worried about them in December and January. Will wait for your other posts on palms. And, I liked the name Little Seattle! By the way, we just visited it yesterday – it was a beautiful sunny day, I guess that is why people love this city – it can be wet, but when it isn’t wet…. it’s irresistable!

  2. […] Posted by Jake on 9 March, 2009 Now for the second installment of the Cold Hardy Palm Series, the first installment can be found here. […]

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