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General Question’s

Posted by Jake on 23 February, 2009

Okay, so, most of you know this is my first Florida spring and I have some questions.

1. My Plumbago’s were frosted and I was wondering if I need to cut those back or will new growth grow on the old stems?

2. My Penta was frosted as well, so do I need to cut it back?

3. Is Spindle Palm self-cleaning or can I go aherad and clip off it’s frozen fronds. New growth is already growing out, yay!

4. When should I see my Elephant Ear’s start growing out, my Canna’s are already growing again? In Kentucky the Elephant Ear’s were usually the last plants to pop out in mid-May to early-June.

Oter than that nothing much is going on here. 70’s by Wednesday, 78 degrees Saturday, too hot, but the plants will love it! I hope everyone’s plants and everyone are doing well and will be growing soon(well, this one s for the plants, lol.).

Have a great day,


21 days until St. Patrick’s Day!

24 days until Spring Begins!


One Response to “General Question’s”

  1. Gail said

    Hi…have you met meems from Hoe and Shovel? She gardens in the Tampa area and would be a great resource for you. Her blog is gorgeous! gail, clay and limestone

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