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Posted by Jake on 16 February, 2009

Okay, so we recieved some rain yesterday that was needed. After it rained the first time I went outside to take some pictures. I saw two “Love Birds” for Valentine’s Day, ofcourse I’m not sure they were truly in love, lol. I got some pictures of my Cavendish Banana that is pushing out it’s first new leaf since before the January cold weather. I alos trimmed up my Castor Bean Tree.

I was just going to let it’s leaves fall off on thier own, but I was tired of looking at it. I am glad I decided to trim off the dead leaves because I noticed some of the stem were mushy. I ended up trimming those stems off which made the tree look weird. It is already growing ne leaves in different part of the tree which I am happy about.

The plant has proven more hardier than what I have read online, it may be because of the size it got before it got so cold. The coldest the plant has seen was 23 degrees in January and from what I have read the tree should have been frozen to the ground. I am assuming that there wasn’t a lot of frost tht night. The stem’s died in what I believe was the week before last when it got down to 26 degrees, but we had very heavey frost.

I have had some good news this past week on my seeds that I started January 28th. My Hibiscus cannabinus ‘Purple’ had one seed pop up on February 12th and then another the next day on the 13th. Another seed came up on the 14th and then I noticed today another one had begun to come up. That is very exciting news because I had 100% germination, I only planted four seed. I am still looking for the other seeds I started to start growing…hopefully soon.


I hope everyone has good growth to the new gardening season!



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