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Warmer and Help Please!

Posted by Jake on 9 February, 2009

Sunday was the start of warmer things to come. We never did get as cold as they said which is okay for my plant’s sake. Today was our first day of 70’s, we hit 72-74 degrees and things are just suppose to get warmer. I have seen 77-80 degrees for mid-week with temperatures going back down to the low to mid 70’s range.

I do have a favor to ask, can you help me with a plant selection. I need something thath looks tropical, that does get a little tall and can fit in to the small space below. The area is in bright indirect sunlight. The area inbetween the drive way and where the walkway goes around on the other sides to the left with the bush is the area in question. Thanks!

Help, please!

Help, please!


Have a great start to the week and I hope your plants enjoy the warmer weather,


5 days until Valentine’s Day!


One Response to “Warmer and Help Please!”

  1. Tessa said

    Hello, and happy gardening! My suggestions, if your talking about that little bush on the left, is low growing annuals. Because it’s by the door, I would want it to look different every season and year. I might also consider ‘Black-eyed Susan’ on the right to sprawl up that column- I love this plant, easy care, beautiful yellow with black centers. Hope I’ve been helpful!

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