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An order of London with a side of Chill

Posted by Jake on 6 February, 2009

This morning we actually hit 25 degrees, 5 degrees warmer than the warmest forcasted low I could find. The frost this morning was really heavey. It was heavier this morning at 25 degrees than when we hit 23 degrees a few weeks ago. That is the chill part of things. The London side is how foggy it was his morning. It was so foggy around all of the lakes that are around here. The fog just seemed to sit around, like it was moving in slow motion. It was some of the thickest fog I have driven through. I got one picture of my yard and one of my street.

Tonight the forcast is for 29, so we can probably expect to be at 32 degrees or a little warmer. Warmer weather looks to make a return next week, I even 77 degrees in there by mid-week. Will it stay around…I don’t know.


8 days until Valentine’s Day!


3 Responses to “An order of London with a side of Chill”

  1. Tatyana said

    Both pictures look a bit… spooky. You are right, Halloweeny…

  2. Darla said

    HI Jake,
    thanks for visiting, as far as the warmer weatther arriving and staying in Florida, I would say mid March. We have a saying here, that you don’t count ALL frost gone until Easter.

  3. nefp said

    Thanks a lot. That is still earlier than lasy year in Kentucky. We had a late frost in May last year.


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