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Call the Ark!

Posted by Jake on 3 February, 2009

Okay, so, yesterday it started to rain around noon, but then it realy started to pour around 3pm. It just kept getting harder and harder and lasted until around 7pm. So, we got a ton of rain, but I have no clue how much at the moment, I will let you know soon. I took a video of it when it was rainging hard; after that it got even harder. I also just took pictures of one of my Hibiscus. Since the rain was pounding it and the wind is now blowing really fast it has really lost it’s leaves, it looks like a little fall scene. Autumn has finally arrived, lol.

I can’t find the video on my computer, so no video, just the autumn scene.

Autumn in Florida in February

Autumn in Florida in February

Tonight we are suppose to hit 27 here. The next two nights after that we are suppose to get down to 23 degrees, then back up to 70’s by the weekend.

Have a great day,



11 days until Vaentine’s Day!


2 Responses to “Call the Ark!”

  1. Darla said

    Jack Frost is on his way, again! We amy be flirting with the teen by the end of the work week. We were supposed to get rain, although it never showed up! Poor Hibiscus, does look like a fall scene.

  2. That sounds awful for ya’ll. Sounds like a lot of damage will be done.

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