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Sea Shells

Posted by Jake on 29 January, 2009

Last week I got the idea that eventually either here in Florida, but more than likely in Kentucky since I possibly may move back, that I want to build an artificial “Beach Scene” in my landscape. That leads me to last Saturday when I went to the beach and collected a ton of sea shells.  I have family that live in Hiton Head, SC and they told us two years ago that you get the best and most prettiest shells during the winter months. I now can confirm this; I found some of the biggest shells I have ever seen. I even found the awesome twisty shells that you normally only see in beach gift shops that aren’t normally even real shells. Once I got home I cleaned them out with water and let them dry overnight. So, here is my 14 pounds of shells, yed I did weigh them!

It looks like we will have cooler weather move instarting tomorrow, thank God! I can take last week anyday, but what it has been since Sunday, hot and humid, it is hard for me to take. Looking on the radar just  a minute ago it looks like we will be getting some rain here in the nextr few hours. I think the rain is suppose to stick around through tomorrow night. Thursday nigh through Friday they are predicting more rain for us here on the First Coast, not as much as this system right now. We also are expecting a huge storm with very heavy rain  and possibly severe winter here in Florida I think begining Monday.

Today I started the fowllowing seeds: Moonflower, Red Texas Star Hibiscus, White Texas Star Hibiscus, Hyacinth Vine, Castor Bean, Asparagus Fern, Blue Fescue Grass, and Hibiscus cannabinus ‘Purple’. Wish me luck on those seeds!

Have a great day,


16 days until Valentine’s Day!


2 Responses to “Sea Shells”

  1. jellyfishbay said

    Lovely seashells. Everytime I visit the ocean, the beach is already picked over by professional shell gatherers, so I never find any good ones. I live near Lake Michigan and love to collect sea glass from it’s beaches.

  2. nefp said

    Really being able to collect these rare looking shells and finding more before they are picked over by the pros has been the one of a few good things moving to Florida. Thanks for visiting!


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