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Elephant Ears

Posted by Jake on 26 January, 2009

Earlier this week I saw Wal-mart finally put out thier bulbs for sale. I say finally because I am usually impatient for stores to put these out. In Kentucky they come out in February right before Valentine’s Day. Anyway, I have been missing my Elephant Ear’s that I left in Kentucky. I decided to buy a pack of three bulbs for $5.00. I planted it in an area where I also planted three of my small Split-leaf Philodendron’s and a Black Stem Alocasia that was in to much sun. It is a small area, but I may be moving to a new house, so they will be moved either way. Two of the three bulbs were already growing. Not all three bulbs Elephant Ear are in the new area. I put one in the spot of the Alocasia, it was getting to much sun in that spot and the Elephant Ear can take a lttle more exposure.  

Elephnat Ear’s are quite hardy! Mine in Lexington, KY saw three degrees three times Winter 07-08 and were coming back in Spring 2008. I also had a Sago Palm that was left outside that was still alive, it just hadn;t flushed a new set of fronds before I left. This year cold-hardy palms were going to be added. But then I moved, you can find pictures of my Kentucky house landscape.

April 2007- Februar 2008, May 2008(The day before I moved) : (



19 days until Valentine’s Day!


One Response to “Elephant Ears”

  1. If you lived near me, I’d give you all the elephant ears you wanted. They grow like weeds here. I’m looking for a big black one. I got a black Alocasia, but it needed too much water and ended up dying. Let me know if you have success with them.

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