Northeast Florida Paradise


General Update

Posted by Jake on 19 January, 2009

So, not much going on here. The weather Friday was so nice, only a high of 47, wonderful. Our lows weren’t as cold as predicted, no shock there, I don’t think it can get to far below 30. Saturday morning was our coolest morning with a low of 28 degrees.

I believe that Castor Bean may get hardier trhe older it gets. Most in northern landscapes seems to be burnt by frost with temperatures below 32, but mine hasn’t. Our 28 degrees didn’t hurt any of the leaves and it is still looking great. The cold seemed to turn some of the small new leaves red which really add’s something to the plant. It may help it as like six inches of wooden trunk, not soft plant.

Did you see the moon earlier this week it was a really bright moon and I happen to have pictures. In one you can see how bright is was to illumnate a large pine on my street.

This pretty bush in my backyard started to bloom this week and I have no idea what it is. It is pretty ant the blooms hel up to 28 degrees. Does anyone know what it is?

Now on to the pictures:

Have a great day,


26 days until Valentine’s Day


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