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Castor Bean is a Tree!

Posted by Jake on 18 December, 2008

Okay, I finally got pictures of my Castor Bean’s haircut. My Yorkie chewed my camera’s card and I had to retake the pictures, which I took today. The wind knocked it over like I said in a previous post. It is back up and stable and will remain staked since I am leaving and won’t be back for two weeks. I cut off all the leaves that were about to fall off and leaves that were huge and the wind could push against. It now looks like a tree, which Castor Bean is a tropical tree. It has taken frost down to 32 degrees here and was seed started in July.

The plus side to cutting off those leaves is the Windmill Palm isn’t so smothered looking. More sun also get to the other plants and some Cannas have started to grow that I planted along with my Everblooming Iris which is throwing out new leaves.


7 days until Christmas!


One Response to “Castor Bean is a Tree!”

  1. And a nice looking tree too! Your garden looks so neat. I feel the need to weed now.

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