Northeast Florida Paradise


Sea World- Saturday

Posted by Jake on 14 December, 2008

Saturday we ventured out to Orlando to Sea World. It was nice again a bit wierd being at an amusement park in December in shorts. It was overall a nice day, I didn’t think it was cold until 6 while waiting for Shamu’s Christmas Show.  The show was good, I couldn’t believe they had the whales splashing people as cool as it was. Luckily he seemed tired by the time he came to us, thank God, lol.

Sea World is a beautiful park. The gardens and landscape looks what you expect Florida to look like. Tropical plants adorn the landscape along with large Palm Trees and old Live Oakes.

I was really impressed witht the rethemeing of the Wild Arctic attraction into the Polar Express Expirance. They have transformed the helicopter simulator into ther train cabin, really great, I didn’t think the rides film was great, but enjoyed all the holiday themeing, awesome job.

I hope everyone had a good weekend,


11 days until Christmas!


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