Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 13 December, 2008

Those winds Thursday night were just horrible here in Northeast Florida. We had got heavy rain for most of the day and then the winds began to howl. We had winds 15-20 miles per hour with gust up to 35 miles per hour. My precious Castor Bean which is like a tree now blew over! I was outside in the wind staking that baby back up, I wasn’t losing it. I have protected it from Tropical Storm Fay, storms, and frost. This afternoon I filled in the area around the trunk with some dirt and hopefully that will keep it stable. I am leaving the stakes on since I won’t be here for two weeks for the holidays. I am heading back up north to KY, yes, finally, COLD!

New Castor Bean Information:

My Castor Bean is now taller than the six foot privacy fence and almost reaches the lanai’s roofline. The trunk is starting to turn woody from the bottom and moving itself upwards. It is also a self-cleaning tree; as a leaf dies it falls off by itself. The Castor Beans leaves did really well with the wind last night, none were ripped off or anything.

It looks to be pretty hot this week, glad I am heading up north Saturday. Starting Monday low 70’s to upper 70’s all next week, and right before Christmas, horrible in my opinion. I am heading to Sea World today, I would trade this trip for some cold and snow though.


12 days until Christmas!


One Response to “Timmmmberrrrr!”

  1. Thursday was a stormy day here too. Hope the caster bean makes it.

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