Northeast Florida Paradise


…the fire is so delightful…

Posted by Jake on 19 November, 2008

We have been cold here in Northeast Florida, well, actually most places east of the Mississippi River has been cold. Last night we were suppose to get down to the 25-30 range, we did not. I really put out the protection though. Christmas lights were wrapped around the Cavendish Banana, Coconut Palm, Spindle Palm, and Castor Bean. I also put spot lights underneath the Cavendish and Castor Bean to warm them up hopefully. Tonight may be our actual freeze has we are already at 41 and falling faster than last night. We didn’t hit 41 untill after midnight. I noticed Pygmy Date Palms and Foxtail Palms in the neighborhood covered along with some Citrus Trees and other types of bushes.

I also covered up my one Elephnat Ear, Cannas, baby Spindle Palm, Datil Peppers, Musa Basjoo, Chinese Yellow Banana, some Pineapple Sage, and  two Plumbagos with grocery bags from Walmart, Publix, Winn-Dixie, and Kroger

Stay Warm,


8 days until Thanksgiving!


One Response to “…the fire is so delightful…”

  1. So, how did you make out?

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