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Welcome to November!

Posted by Jake on 31 October, 2008

I hope everyone had a good Halloween! My Halloween was nice a bit rainy this evening , but not to bad. Today is a busy Saturday for me. I need to take down the Halloween decorations and then mow the yard. Then I need to hook up my Tom the Turkey inflatable. Thanksgiving is only 26 days away! While I am at it I will go ahead and give you a scare…there are only 53 shopping days left untill Christmas, ahh!

The scariest thing about this past week wasn’t Halloween it was the frost. My coldest low was 33 degrees. There was frost on my windshield, Banana Trees, Castor Bean, and Purple Ornamnetal Sweet Potato. The Bananas started to show black areas, especially the brnd new leaf. Oh, well, the warmer 70’s are returning next week with some rain from the on shore flow.

Don’t forget to vote if you are a US citizen!

I wish everyone a gret start to November,


26 days untill Thanksgiving!


One Response to “Welcome to November!”

  1. The frost WAS the scary part.

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