Northeast Florida Paradise


The Weather Outside is Frightful…NOT!

Posted by Jake on 27 October, 2008

The weather here is cooler and feels great, but it defintely isn’t frightful. The wind as picked up from the west as a cold front starts to move our way. The cold front will slowly move through tonight and through tomorrow night making us colder. Our high tomorrow is 61 with a morning low of 37. Our high Wednesday is 63 with a low of 34 or colder. They are saying possible frost. I know this is too cold for eveb north Florida this time of year.

I got excited last night as I was able to see my breathe. The low this morning(Monday) ws 49, yay! Where I use to live, Lexington, Kentucky, they had sleet this morning and by wednesday night are suppose to go down to 26, brr, now thats frightful.

Tom the Turkey inflatable goes up Saturday. November 1st also means I Christmas music season will have arrived. I also plan on getting ornamental cabbage and kale(if I can find it) and winter Pansy’s.

I will update if we get any frost with pics to show any damage, I hope we don’t though.

Have a good day,


4 days untill Halloween!


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