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I am Back…Truly, Plus Halloween!

Posted by Jake on 20 October, 2008

I am back I swear, I just needed a break. The late summer heat and humidity just made me not in the mood to be outside. Now though, I am back and ready with the temps in the 70’s to low 80’s and lows in the 50’s and 60’s.

I have replaced the damaged Marigolds at the Mailbox Garden with two purple-pink Mums and two yellow plants called Bush Daisy. The Bush Daisies have fianlly started to bloom, I guess they needed to get settled. The Mums are lasting a longtime…I forgot how long thier blooms last once they do bloom.

I also have some pictures of the Halloween decorations. Since I last wrote I have added an inflatable skull with spiders on it.

Have a Good Day,


11 days untill Halloween!


One Response to “I am Back…Truly, Plus Halloween!”

  1. Hi Jake! Thanks for stopping by the blog! Nice to see another celebrating the High Holy Day. ;D The pocket book has really shrunk this year, and I has been tough to get into the spirit – until I saw your blog!! So much fun! I really, really, really want the skull blow-up. (Gee, I wonder why the pocket book is so small . . .) Visit my blog again next week – I’ll have posts of my decorations!!

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