Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 4 October, 2008

Sorry, I ahven’t been posting. I have been enjoying the cool nights that seem to be here to stay…now if we could just get the days cooler. I love walking out in the morning and enjoying the cool crisp air, there is something about cold air I love breatheing in. I have noticed the dew is really bad in the mornings, it looks like it just rained when the sun hits it nd it drips off of the roofs, lol.

Today I went to the beach, it just seems so funny to go to the beach October 4th. No one was swimming it was a little cool with the wind, it was just ice to sit there. I did get burned, my legs are killing me, ouch.

Next week is suppose to be really windy again, I don’t mind, I love wind as well.  I hope we get rain like they are saying we will.

Talk Soon,


26 days untill Halloween!


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