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Florida is HOT

Posted by Jake on 13 September, 2008

Sadly, not in a good way! This much heat and humidity in September is crazy. Nights by September are suppose to come earlier and they are suppose to start cooling down; that hasn’t been the case. The nights are coming earlier, yet, it is still hot and humid. Our lows this past week have ranged from 78 to 81, at night, tht is crazy. Those are the normal highs for this time of year from where I am from. This is why I haven’t been writing on here as much. It is hot during a Fall month and I just not wanting to be out in it.

Anyway, enough of my whineing and onto the gardening. Like I said it has been hot. All I have done is water, by hand, I hate irrigation systems. They seem to be a huge waste of water and make gardening so impersonable. I have also mowed and that is it. I aso got some pictures for you all…yay!

I have gotten some seeds from some genourous people and started those tonight. Both packages were waiting for me in the mailbox today and I got excited. Sorry, no pictures of this process. Maybe, when the stuff starts growing I will take some pictures.

Onto the pictures:

Have a good day,



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