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African Iris are EVIL!

Posted by Jake on 4 September, 2008

My experience with African Iris has been absoultely horrible! The previous owner had put African irsi all around two Crepe Myrtles and another tree in the from yard. They had never been seperated and have just multiplied since 2004 to massive sized plants. They were also sucking the life out of the Crepe Myrtles, so I decided they needed to go. That wasn’t the only reason for there removal, they hardly bloomed and when they did it only lasted for about a day. They also hid the trunks of the trees and looked like monster-sized weeds. In the pictures you can envision, as I don’t have a before picture, two foot to three foot tall plants! 

I actually bought seeds of African Iris for my yard in Kentucky as I had ready they can live to zone 7 as a dieback plant. They might actually bloom in the summer in Kentucky since we have cooler night temps. I read that in the winter when the temps are cooler in Florida they bloom a lot. 

As a plant to plant in Florida I would give it a 5/10. It is drought tolorant and the blooms are pretty when they do bloom. They just look like weeds during the summer though!

Moving on…they say Hanna will remain east of us here on the First Coast, but South Carolina may get hit. I still think it is to early to let our gaurd down, they could have it cming our way by the time morning comes around. 

I have included a picture of the Mailbox planting. All that suvived Fay was the Monkey Grass, Purple Fountain Grass, and one yellow Marigold. The other Marigolds split were by the wind and died. The one survivor was protected by the Fountain Grass from Fays wind. 

I cleaned up the Sunflowers and cut of the seed heads so this weekend I can collect seeds. I replaced my small American Flags that were outside in the bed in front of the lanai with two small Scarecrows. More Autumn decor will be brought out by the end of the month. We normall do a graveyard scene and other scary stuff, but our yard is long and not wide and it would be hard to display one. So, we will be doing Fall and Harvest theme for as long as we are in this house. 

Hope everyone stays safe from any Tropical weather and has a great day or two. Also remeber Fall is just around the corner, 22 September!



5 Responses to “African Iris are EVIL!”

  1. Deborah said

    I hated my African Iris because it never bloomed. Then I read that it needs a lot of water during blooming season, so I moved it to a place where it got more water, and it went crazy! Bloomed all summer, and gave me a lot of joy. I plant to separate it this winter and put it in other places in the yard. My friend has the one with tiny yellow flowers. I want some of that one. It’s prettier and blooms better than the white (what they call the “blue”).

  2. Goober said

    The unknown tree looks like a highrise live oak to me.

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