Northeast Florida Paradise


August 2008

Posted by Jake on 2 September, 2008

Okay, so, August 2008 had hot weather the first part of the month, a nice middle part of the month, a hot and humid last part of the month, a lot of rain in general, and Tropical Storm Fay! It has been a busy month here in Northeast Florida.

Our average high for August is normally 88F, August 2008 average high was 86F, 2F below average.

Our average low for August is normally 73F, August 2008 average low was 73F, 0F below/above average.

Our average rainfall in August is 6.57″, August 2008 had rainfall of 15.79″, 9.22″ above average August rainfall.

9″ or more was from Tropical Strom Fay! I am ready for the cooler weather to arrive and for Fall to get here. Those in Florida keep an eye on Hurricane Hanna and Tropical Storm Fay!

20 days untill Fall!



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