Northeast Florida Paradise


Hello, Again!

Posted by Jake on 1 September, 2008

I am sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, this past week I have been really busy! I never got pictures of the damaged Marigolds, I cleaned them up and was thinking I forgot to do something. I forgot to take pictures, oh, well.

I do have some general pictures of the backyard, yay! My Dwarf Cavendish has a baby pushing up so, that is really good news. My Musa Basjoo is finally putting on some height, I have been waiting for it to! My Castor Bean is starting to have a purple cast to it. I was wondering why in the world the plant was pushing out green leaves when the plant I picked them off in November in a park near my house in Kentucky was purple. I guess the first leaves are green and the older the plant gets the more purple that shows through on the leaves. All of these pictures were taken before I mowed the backyard.

I hope everyone will have a good Labor Day and enjoy the unofficial end of Summer! Only 60 days untill Halloween and just 21 days untill Autumn, yay! For my fellow Floridians, don;t forget about Hanna in the Atlantic.



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