Northeast Florida Paradise


Thought we were in the clear…

Posted by Jake on 22 August, 2008

untill about midnight when the fastest winds and the hardest rain we have seen started! It had been windy and rainy here in Northwest St. Johns County today however, I thought it seemed like we wouldn’t have to much more after 11pm. Now I can still here the wind whipping around outside still as fast as it was at midnight. I also for got has it heads west we still have to go through the eastern rainbands.

As for the damage Fay as caused, not to much as of this afternoon. However, with this recent wind and punding rain I may wake up later this morning and find a lot of damage. So far my Dwarf Cavemdish Banana has seen almost every leaf rip. The Marigolds by the mailbox have snapped down the middle and I mean all of them. Then one of my Elephant Ears flipped over and snapped a leaf…I’m not sure what kind it is.

The power has been on and off all day. I will have to say that the houses in Florida seem to be built well. All the houses I have lived in in other states they creak and you can here a 15mph breeze. I barely heard a breze in this house all day untill about midnight when apparently all Fay has decided to really get going on us.

Updates on damage or general picture and possibly video will be up in a few days.

To Fay,



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