Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 20 August, 2008

Here on the First Coast we are still waiting on Fay to head our way. Yesterday was a nice cooler day but, very windy. We were also put under a Hurricane Watch due to Fay moving out into the Atlantic and possibly becoming a Huuricane.

The plants I staked are wind blown today. I’m not to sure they will hold up to the higher winds. I have Sunflowers that just started to bloom yesterday and I am sure they will be broken. I am also worried about my young Castor Ban plants snapping.

Sorry, no pictures of the Sunflowers that bloomed yesterday. The wind was blowing to much for me to get any picture of them. It was cool however to see the clouds, which we had plenty of, move fast from east to west.

Just in case Fay gets stronger the new grille went into the garage along with the Lanai furniture. May sem a little to much but, better be safe than sorry. I left the solar lights and garden decorations out untill I see what Fay will do. I can easily go out and do a quick round up today if I need to.

Be safe,



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