Northeast Florida Paradise


Damage Pictures

Posted by Jake on 12 August, 2008

So I went out today and took pictures of what is damaged. Luckily most if not all of the plants should be able to recover fast. The picture of the small Rose you can barely see the Rose since it is so small and has no leaves now. The Rose came uo all by itself and I was excited to see what kind it is and what color as well; hopefully it will recover too. The pictures were taken after a brief rain shower, it was nice to see it after a week of it hiding. We are “suppose” to get more Today and tomorrow…we will have to see if that comes to be.

There is also a picture of the Elephant Ears I planted around two weeks ago. It is starting to put out a new leaf so I guess that means it is established. One of the leaves burned in last weeks 95F or hotter weather. Oh, well, I guess it didn’t hurt it to bad if it is putting out a new leaf.

The air condition people are suppose to come back today. You can be sure they will be escorted to the back of the yard and shown what they need to look out for.



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