Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 10 August, 2008

Okay, so the air conditon unit stopped working last night. Luckliy it was a cool day with our high near 86F degrees for the day. It got up to almost 87F in the house. Anyway, we call the guy to come over and look at it so he cn fix it. I didn’t think about going out and watching him do his job, I thought he would be considerate of the plants around the unit. The guy even took his shoes off when he had to come in the house to not track in anything. Well, the after math brought a Rose seedling smashed, along with three Daylillies. My Dwarf Cavendish Banana got a broken leaf and my Amaryllis got completely trampled. It really grew this past week from like one foot high to close to three so it really couldn’t have ben missed. I am so mad. It isn’t like there weren’t places for them to walk where there weren’t any plants. They have to come back Tuesday to do something and I guess I will have to go out and babysit them.

I will get pictures of the damage tomorrow and post it here.



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