Northeast Florida Paradise


Spindles are grounded!

Posted by Jake on 8 August, 2008

Okay, I got my Spindle Palm in the ground a couple day ago. As I thought the smaller one wasn’t attached to the bigger palm so I was able to seperate them. I also planted my Sea Oats close by the Spindle Palm. It kind of looks stupid the way I planted them but, it’s becuse it will eventually be a whole new landscape bed. On my plan I have the Sea Oats and the large Spindle Palm in those locations. I am waiting eithier for it to get cooler to rip out the grass or I will rip it out as I buy new plants.

In the pictures today I a picture of my Texas Palmetto. It has just been sitting all Summer and has just started to put out new leaves.

It has been hot here lately. Monday and Tuesday were both hot but, Wednesday was a schorcher. My thermometer got up to 103 which would be a record above 100. However, the entire Jacksonville area only recorded mid to upper 90’s. Basically, it has just been hot and dry. Today we are suppose to get rain, hopefully we will.

Have a good day! I hope that if you have been hot and dry that you get some rain and cool off!



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