Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 5 August, 2008

Okay, so I finally have pictures of the new Elephant Ear and Caladium area by the Lanai. I have an update on the Coconut Palm and my Dwarf Cavendish Banana. In that same area you can see where I have taken out all of the ugly and unrruly green bushes tht were crowinding out the Coconut and Banana Tree. You will also be able to see my Buddha with two Bananas, the left side is Chinese Yellow Banana and the right side is my Musa Basjoo that has just started to grow. You will also see the Sindle Palm that I bought. I also took pictures of the Castor Beans and Queens Palm growth. There is also a picture of my unknow Yucca I got i Hilton Head Island last Summer.

Yesterdy was so HOT or atleast it felt that way. It was only 88F like Sunday but it felt like 114F at one point. I am glad that it wasn’t humid though, that would ahve been horrible. I hope it cools down and we can get some more rain. I will have pictures up of the Spindle Palm planted as soon as I plant it. I may try to get a Foxtail Palm tomorrow if Target still has them. The Target Garden Centre had them back in June, I hope they still do.

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One Response to “Pictures!”

  1. Those Spindles at Wal Mart are a great deal, I think I have got 3 from there so far. they just got in some bottle palms the same size and price also at my local wal Mart and I have had to get a few of those also. The blog and the yard are looking good Jake!

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