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July 2008 Weather

Posted by Jake on 1 August, 2008

Well it is time for the blog’s first “Monthly Weather Report”. At the begining of each month this will be a post to tell how the last month was. It’s August first and now it is time to talk about July for the Northwest Corner of St. Johns County, Florida.


Average High for July is 89F, July 2008 average high was 87F, two degrees below average.

Average Low for July is 73F, July 2008 average low was 73F, right on average.

The coolest high was 78F on July 23 due to heavy cloud cover due to all day rain event.

The warmest low was 75F on July 10th, 21st, and 29th.

The hottest is got was 93F on July 20th, 21st, and 29th for the high.

The coolest it got was 68F on July 2nd for the low.

The most rain in one day was 1.55″ on July 23rd.

The average rainfall in July is 6.16″, July 2008 saw 8.03″, that is 1.87″ above the July average.



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