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Oh, Snap!

Posted by Jake on 30 July, 2008

Yesterday after a heavey rainstorm a Sunflower snapped. This is really disappointing and I hope it will regrow from the top or bloom fron the other branches. This ofcourse wouldn’t have happened had the builders of the houses inmy neighborhood had installed gutters. There are no gutters around the Lanai or across the entryway on the front of the house to get to the frontdoor. I have noticed a lot of homes in Florida are gutterless, why is this, Hurricanes? Surely they aren’t that expensive and can be easily replaced if a hurricane or tropical storm takes them off. Homes in Tornadoe Alley have gutters, a Tornado can easily rip them off there as can a tropical system here. We really need them in a state that can get inches of rain in 15 to 30 minutes. 

I will try and get pictures of the Sunflower tomorrow along with the new Elephant Ears. However, they are calling for more rain today. Yesterday wasn’t an all day soaker but the area didn’t look very good after being beat with rain. Today kind of sounds like wide spread all day storms and rain for the First Coast area. We are close to 2 inches over what we need for the average rain for July.



2 Responses to “Oh, Snap!”

  1. George Andrykovitch said

    My house in Palm Coast doesn’t have rain gutters either. I wondered about that when I moved here four years ago from Virginia, but it really hasn’t been worrisome. The few potential problem areas are addressed by strategically placed rocks or overturned terra cotta pots. The advantage to being gutterless is that roof runoff water is distributed more equitably. Perhaps you’ve noticed that many people direct gutter runoff down their driveways, into the street and away from the yard. What a waste. Anyway, I originally thought I would put in gutters, but I’ve changed my mind.

  2. nefp said

    Yeah, I like that it ends up watering all of my plants more. In Kentucy I always had my landscape beds where a gutter was. Those areas saw more growth due to the extra water. The entryway is the only problem that is a bother. It goes directly in the center of our walkway to thr front door so you get soaked.

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