Northeast Florida Paradise



Posted by Jake on 22 July, 2008

I know it has been awhile since I last posted anything interesting, sorry! I am back however with some new information and pictures.

Over the Weekend I finally bought some mulch for the mailbox area and for the new bed I put in June after we moved in. I chose red mulch becuse I knew even in Kentucky black faded and I didn’t want to waste my money in an area with more intense Sun.  I have also removed two bushes in an area where my Coconut Palm was being crowded out by them and not growing very well. I just decided to remove thos two bushes, cutting them weekly was annoying since they grew at such a such rate. Then I trimmed two of the other bushes on the other side so they wouldn’t continue to crowd out the Banana Tree that I bought at the end of June. I also found a Rose that I didn’t plant that as sprouted in the cleared out area by the Coconut Tree.

I took all of the pictures today as it was about to storm. The dark clouds really made the flash show up in the pictures. I also took pictures of what I now believe is a Varigated Hibiscus, which I had never heard of; we will see if it is for sure once it hopefully blooms. I then took pictures of the two Castor Bean seeds that I planted about a week and a half ago and some Cannas that are blooming at the front of the house.

There are also pictures of the dark clouds that were rolling in. The clouds don’t show uo as dark as it actually was. It was windy and lighting was flashing all around and loud booming thunder made sure it ws heard. So pease Enjoy!

Banana Tree Area before

Coconut Area Before, look center back

Coconut before again

Thanks for reading and check back soon,



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