Northeast Florida Paradise


Blooms around the yard!

Posted by Jake on 15 July, 2008

It  has been a couple days since I have last posted, so here it goes. I have had a small little victory with this plant, Ruellia brittoniana, Mexican Petunia, that I transplanted the second week of June, it had been falling all around and wasn’t blooming.  Today however, it finally produced it’s first purple bloom. I have to say that  am very excited about this.

Also, my cactus that was blooming and I missed it bloom now as two more blooms starting to form. I am going to watch these like a hawk and try to get pictures of these blooms. The two old blooms have already fell off and I can’t find them on the ground so, I am assuming that some animals have taken off with them.

We got some storms last night but nothing to exciting. I picked up some Miloganite yesterday and will be putting that down tonight. Hopefully stuff will begin to really grow and look great. I have also included a picture of my Stargazer Lily just because it is a really beautiful flower.

Have a great day,



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