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A little bit of that…and a Coconut Palm!

Posted by Jake on 11 July, 2008

I thought I would just make a post on some general things around St. Augustine. Today I was driving on San Marco in St. Augustine and I remembered that the famous Coconut palm is located around that area. I finally found it, I was so excited I missed my turn. The Coconut palm looks fine and as plenty of green leaves and looks like if it had winter damage it as recovered. It made me feel a little better about the Coconut palm I am trying to grow. I know I am further away from the Atlantic but, I am east of the St. Johns.

Last night around 7:00 we finally got some rain in the form of a pretty bad storm. It wasn’t really the wind but, the rain was torrental. The lighting never seemed to stop and the thunder was the loudest I had ever heard. The thunder was so loud at one point it made our smoke detectors go off. It may just be me but, I think that the plants respond better to natural watering, rain. Today everything just looks so nice and green after looking so dry.  

I am still monitoring my cactus that is close to blooming. This morning it looked like the blooms had opened at some point but, It wasn’t during the day yesterday. I am begining to think that it is a night blooming cactus and I am going to check it out tonight and see if it opens up.

I am about to email Westinghouse and ask them to replace my money or to replace the spotlights that I bought. I bought two, two pack of spotlights and they won’t come on at all at night after working the first night I placed them outside. Has anyone expirinced this with any Westinghouse Solar Spotlights?

I am going to leave you with a picture of my baby Coconut palm and  picture of one of my Hibiscus in bloom. Enjoy!



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