Northeast Florida Paradise


Spreading the Paradise!

Posted by Jake on 8 July, 2008

Yesterday, I planted out a new area around the mailbox. Nothing to special but, it looks a lot better. Someone had planted these annoying yellow and red daisy looking flowers and they had to go. I don’t understand why you live in Florida and your yard looks like it could be anywhere in America. My plan was to get daylilies, the little yellow ones that bloom all summer long. I will still put these in over the Winter or next Spring. For now there is some Giant Evergreen Lirope on one side and on the other is this Purple Ornamental Grass that I love. The filler plants that are where the daylillies are going are orange and yellow Marigolds that will bloom all Summer. They may even bloom into December or into the new year depending on frost. In Lexington they would bloom through the first few frost in October and still bloom in November. Overall I am pleased with the way that it looks, it will look fuller when the Marigolds fill in better and the area gets much. Next area of improvement will be down along the side of the house in the backyard. I’m not sure when this project will get started but, it will be done. All grass must be elminated, I hate this grass in Florida. Pictures of this area will be coming soon…so check back!



4 Responses to “Spreading the Paradise!”

  1. Felix (Countrynest) said

    I assume you are new to Florida so I welcome you to
    Florida and our garden community. Garden web(Florida) is a great place to meet other gardeners and share our mutual addiction to planting.
    I have Three acres just south of Ocala.
    I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your place.

  2. Mike said

    If you would like to link exchange to my Florida yard blog let me know. Good luck on your new venture. Patiently awaiting pictures.


  3. Rob said

    Great blog from a great state. keep it coming and thanks for the links . great stuff

  4. danielle said

    cute new blog. saw your post on garden web. i’ll check back.

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